“The difference I feel after starting SAIL is: having better balance, more stamina and feeling 100% better than before I began. Plus I can get out of my kayak from sitting to standing without falling in the water!” ~ Linda Del Negro-Daniels

“Thank you Camano Center for providing the SAIL classes and to Traci for teaching, encouraging and inspiring us older adults of the community. Personally feeling improved in strength and balance issues as and older adult and prepared for future challenges.” ~ Vicki

“At 87 and 94 this class is a lifeline. The class motivates us to keep active.” ~ Fred and Carolyn

“Before SAIL, I had not been able to make it down our steep trail to the beach for several years. Within the 1st month of class I was able to make it all the way down and back. Amazing class and instructor.” ~ Active SAIL Participant

“Love, love, love my SAIL mornings! Traci is wonderful – you can tell she really cares about her clients. It’s reminiscent of an 80’s low impact aerobics – only better!!” ~ Active SAIL Participant

“I love SAIL! But the reason it is so great is because of our leader, Traci! She is knowledgeable, upbeat, compassionate and a great instructor. Not only does she lead us, she explains the reasons for the exercises. I believe SAIL has helped me have more energy and is toning my body. I look forward to SAIL 3 times a week!” ~ Margie L

 “Best and most useful class The Camano Center has offered. Focuses on balance, warm up and stretching as well as weights and aerobics. Geared for all levels of ability. Traci is knowledgeable, professional, and fun! Offers helpful tips for safety after each class. I am very impressed and have noticed improvement in my balance and increased range of motion in my shoulder in a short amount of time! Class is enjoyable and never boring.” ~ Carol

“Thank you! The opportunity to exercise in a structured, knowledgeable way is wonderful!” ~Active SAIL Participant

“The SAIL class has improved my balance and overall physical condition immensely. It is a true blessing. My mental condition is also improving as I am able to do more physically. Traci is a caring, excellent instructor. I recommend this class to everyone.” ~ Active SAIL Participant

“We love, love, love Traci and her fabulous classes! Thank you ~ Mike and Melissa”

“Fabulous class that covers everything you need to thrive. Traci is an 11 out of 10! If we needed to pay more to keep it going I’m willing.” ~ Active SAIL Participant

“The SAIL Class is a true gift. My strength and balance have improved markedly due to the SAIL class. Traci is a wonderful instructor. Our class contains people with a wide range of abilities and needs and Traci adapts the program to meet the needs of each participant. She helps us progress and makes the class a pleasant, fun experience.” ~ Active SAIL Participant